How to connect to internet on your computer through mobile without PC-suite

  Now don’t worry because after learn this post you will able to connect internet without pc suite.Many user have mobile to connect internet with pc but they have’t  pc-suite to connect internet through.If you have enabled blutooth computer\laptop and mobile both now you connect internet without pc-suite.

  1. First you need bluetooth on mobile and computer both.
  2. Go to add new a device from your computer.
  3. Now pair both them through pass key.
  4. Wait for 15 sec.
  5. Now go to bluetooth place on your computer.
  6. And choose your mobile phone.
  7. Now left click on on your mobile phone name.
  8. Select”connect bluetooth dial-networking”.
  9. Now you see it will connect you mobile phone but you can’t able use use internet.
  10. Go to start>networking
  11. After click on networking you will see ” a small appear on up”.
  12. Then choose”"” network descovery are turned off.Network computer and device are turned off click to change.”"”"
  13. Then click on “Open networking and sharing center”.
  14. Now you see a window  will apear form in bottom.
  15. Click on your device name and click on connect.
  16. Then `it ask for user name and password leave this blank.
  17. Now put number as *99#.
  18. Click on dial.
  19. Now you will see your device connected with computer without any pc-suite.

Enjoy the trick

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