How To Rename "Refresh" Option In Windows XP

  • Hey guys welcome to Hacking Tricks  today I am going to tell you How To Rename "Refresh" Option In Windows XP you have to follow just some simple steps and your work will be done.
  • Hope you all got enough information about Resource hacker, Now can continue with our trick.
Step 1 :- Download Resource Hacker and Replacer tool for free Click here to download.
Step 2 :- Open Resource Hacker and click open.
Step 3 :- Choose Shell32.dll>Menu>215>1033
Step 4 :- change the word ‘Refresh' to ‘Any name that you want'
Step 5 :- After Changing the appropriate options,Compile the script by Compile script option.
Step 6 :- Save as the file at another location.Please ensure that it must not be the original location of Shell32.dll
Step 7 :- Now open Replacer tool
Step 8 :- Drag & Drop Shell32.dll file from system32 in Replacer than press Enter Key.
Step 9 :- Now Drag & Drop new Save as file on Replacer. Than press enter
Step 10 :- Press y and reboot the System

Thats it your are done, Now after rebooting your system, when you right click from your desktop you can see that the Refresh option name has been changed.

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