Create password reset Disk 

 Follow the steps below:

1. First make sure you’ve connected your USB Flash Drive in the port. You don’t need to format the disk. And your files will not be

2. Then go to the User Accounts from Control Panel.

3. Now hit on the Create a password reset disk option from the left panel.

4. You’ll see Forgotten Password Wizard. Click Next.

5. Select the drive that is to be used as reset disk. Click Next.

6. Enter the current password if any. Otherwise leave it blank.

7. Click next and wait for the processing. Click Next again. Then Finish.

The disk is ready for use. Now open your USB drive and look for a 2 KB file named
userkey.psw. This is the file that can help you to reset the password. Don’t delete it.
Now restart your PC and try to access by entering a wrong password.
You’ll see the Reset Password option.
Click on it and type a new password. And from now you can use this

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