Windows 8 Store Won't Open?

Method 1: Check if the date, time and time zone are set according to your time and time zone.
Follow these steps to set the date and time:
a. Press Windows key + C on your keyboard to show the Charms bar.
b. Type “Date and Time” in the charms bar search.
c. Click Change date and time button (To change the time zone click on time zone tab).
d. Click Apply and Ok to save the date and time.
Method 2: Clear the store cache and check.

a. Press "Windows key + R".

b. Type wsreset.exe and click OK.
Method 3: Disable the proxy server and check.
a. Open Internet Explorer 
b. Click Tools and then click Internet Options.
c. Then click the Connections tab.
d. Then click the LAN Settings button.
e. Then Uncheck the option which reads” Use a proxy server for your LAN”
f. Click apply and then ok.

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