How to convert 2GB USB into 4GB?


 USB is a device that is use to transfer data from one computer to another.Today large volume USB are
available in the market but they are expensive.Most of the computer users must have a USB flash drive.The commonly used USB drive is 2GB but today high volume usb are popular.We know that the large volume size usb can save more files.Today i am going to share a awesome usb trick with you the trick is "how to convert 2GB usb into 4GB",these words gives you happiness but sometimes when you try to do this you not find the software but today i am provide you software without any add.If you want to convert your USB into 4GB than you need to formate your USB drive if you not do this than your data will be lost.You can try this trick on your Memory Card.We start our work without loss our time you need to just carefully read my
instructions with screen shoots.

How to make your 2GB USB to 4GB?

1. Download the software from the given link.
2. Extract the software in a folder and open the folder.

3. Connect you USB flash drive with computer.Always use Card Reader for Memory Cards.
4. Now go to that folder where you extracted the software and open the "Drive Increaser.bat" file.

5. It will ask you pendrive or memory card name.Just give you USB or Memory card name carefully
without spelling mistakes.
6. It will ask you now enter the drive letter.Go to My Computer and see which drive contains the
pendrive or memory card.Most of the time the "H" drive contains your USB or memory card.Just type
the drive letter and hit enter. 


 7. Wait untill the process complete.
8. Check you 2GB usb or memory card.It,s now 4GB.Enjoy!!! If you usefull by it then share the post
everywhere or your friends thanks you.

File Size= 40KB
File Type= ZIP File


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  2. I used the software.. It converted my 2gb usb to 4gb but only visually.. I was not able to send more than 2gb (the original capacity) in my usb although the windows show the usb as 4gb..
    Now what to do???


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