How to hack anyone's Wifi and get free internet Connection for lifetime


Now-a-days almost Every Cell phone ha wifi embeded in it. Or if not there are many laptop and Pc users who use a wifi hotspot to connect to the internet. Well today in this post i'm gonna show you how to hack any wifi hotspot near you and get free internet connection for your life-time without paying a single penny. This is the Simplest Process to hack a wifi.

* you'll need physical access to the Pc or laptop, can get it easily if the person is your neighbour of frend. Or else you can use a RAT to get remote access to the System.
Read this post " How to gain full access to any system using RAT for more info."

Process: - 

  • Get to the Pc or laptop which uses wifi to connect to the internet 
  •  Click on the wifi icon.

  Right click here and select properties. 

  • Here in the Wireless properties, Select Security Tab.
  • Here You'll see the Password that he has enabled for his wifi hotspot. But it will be intially hidden.

  • Now right click on it and select Show Characters


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