Recover Data From Scratched CD's / Password Protected Memory Cards . [100% Tested ]


 Hi friends. Many Times our CD's / DVD's get scratched and memory Cards get password protected. In that case we either have to throw away our Properties or Toast them in a toaster. But today i;m here with a solution that lets you copy data from even a BAKED CD , yeah its True or even a password protected memory Card. And it takes only a few Minutes. I tested this process just a few minutes back and I recovered All my faviorate Games from a DVD that was lying under my bed for more than 3 months. So gyes, Its Showtime.

Tools Needed:

  • BAD COPY. Download the Full Version with Serial Key.
  • insert the Cd / Or DVD / memory card from which you need to recover the data.
  • Open BAD COPY.
  • Select the Recovery Source

Select a Recovery Mode. You may not get the files in one Mode, So if you fail, Change the recovery Mode. 


  • Then If You Find your Files, then its Great. If not, Select a different mode and click "SCAN".
  • After Scanning BAD COPY will find some tracks for you, Select a track. One of the tracks hold your files.
  • Select the file you wanna reocover and click on recover. Then set the destination. Wait 5-6 Sec. And Bingo. You got your files.

 Version: 4.10   Size: 869 KB
Approx. 2 mins by a 56K modem

Supported Platforms:
Microsoft Windows 98/2000/XP/2003/Vista/7/8

 Download link :

It took me 15Mins making this Post gyes. It'll take you 2sec. to Leave a feedback.

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