Get Google Adsense Approval without having a website URL

Are you applied for Google adsense?  But you are failed to approve. Here are some usual responses from the Google Adsense Team. They are like: 1.Your site does not comply with the Google webmaster quality guidelines. 2. Your site is under construction. 3. Your site doesn’t have enough pages. 4. You site doesn’t have enough traffic. These things are making newbie to feel difficult to get adsense account approval.

Why has it become difficult?

Adsense has huge demand over ad networking sites. Already there are millions of publishers using adsense. So many people are making fraud clicks using proxy software and by clicks exchange activities. Due to this invalid clicks activity, Google made some standards to approve websites.

Even though, you can get adsense approval. It is possible from adsense revenue sharing websites. One of them is Flixya. It is quick, easy, associated with Google and offers 100% revenue share for users.

Simple steps that can make you approval at Google:
  1. Sign up for
  2. Complete registration and provide your information.
  3. Now publish (post) content on Flixya. Make minimum of 10 posts or more. Content should be unique, original and write it yourself. You should remember “content is the king”. You can also upload images and videos. Make sure that every block should be tagged like strong. I think it is not a big deal.
  4. Now monetize tab will be activated and request a Google adsense Id for your e-mail.
  5. A confirmation mail will hit your inbox within a day and there after you will be promoted for adsense sign up page without website (URL) option. Before this you should have Google account under your e-mail Id. Fill the form with relevant data and submit application.
I think it is the best way to get an adsense account. There are similar adsense revenue sharing websites,which give easy sign up: Indyarocks and Hubpages. You can also get Adsense approval from the YouTube Partner Program.


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